30 Days to Simplify: Week Four!


30 days to simplifyIt’s the final stretch of our “30 Days to Simplify” Challenge! This week, we’re doing something I’m sure we’ve all wanted to do at one point or another:

Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff and Spend Time in Nature

Do you like to purge? I do. It’s so liberating to clean out a closet and get rid of stuff. I know, I know…that shirt you haven’t worn in 10 years or that toy your kid hasn’t played with since 1999 has sentimental value. I get that. But I’m talking about getting rid of all the clutter, simplifying, and even though you think you may need that broken toaster at some point in your future…letting it go. Then when you’re done, go outside to spend some time in the dirt. Or sand. Or grass…or whatever it is that tickles your fancy.

Need some help decluttering? Here are some tips to get you started:

*Start with something small: Set the timer for 15 minutes, and clean out a drawer or a countertop or the bottom of your closet. Make a list of the areas in your house you’d like to simplify and tackle one or two a day…maybe one in the morning, and one at night. Then, cross it off your list! It’ll give you joy, I tell you.

*Try not to be so sentimental: I know some things are just too special to throw away or donate. No matter how cluttered my house gets, I’m still holding on to my collection of t-shirts, because they hold special memories. However, think of how 99% of the rest of the world lives. We really don’t need the majority of junk we have. You’ve heard the phrase “If you haven’t used it in a year, toss it.” That works sometimes. But just think about it: if you haven’t used it in years, and you don’t anticipate using it in years, then get rid of it. Have some things just too important to get rid of? Make a bin of things that are special to you that you won’t be needing any time soon and put it in the attic or garage. Remember: you’re not taking any of it with you. Eventually, we’re all gonna die, and you really don’t need those old magazines when you leave this world.

*Get your kids in on the action: If you have kiddos around, utilize them! Have them go through their closet first, then their dresser, toy bin, etc. Make them a list just like yours with small tasks to accomplish. Give them two bags or bins: one for donating, one for throwing away. Have them get rid of things they don’t want or need anymore. It’ll be a good habit to start for them, and will teach them a lifelong lesson in not hoarding!

Ok, once that’s done, or whenever you’re ready, GET OUTSIDE! Having a brain fart? Here are some ideas:

*Have a bonfire

*Go for a hike or a bike ride

*Go to a local lake or beach

*Sit outside and watch the sunset

*Do this outdoor scavenger hunt or maybe THIS one

*Start an outdoor journal or art book

*Lie down and look at the clouds

*Play in the sprinklers

*Make an outdoor art project with an old sheet!

*Go on a bug hunt

*Don’t like my ideas? Get a book on it! 

Ok, now that I’ve given you some ideas, go for it! Don’t forget: if you can keep up with previous weeks’ challenges, even better!

Week One: Cook & Eat Real Food

Week Two: Ditch Electronics

Week Three: Be More Hospitable

Have fun decluttering and absorbing nature!


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