Corporate wellness seminars for your employees

Healthier employees are good for business!

Teaching health & wellness strategies in the workplace is one of the best ways to create happier, more productive, thriving employees. I specialize in "Luncheon Learning," giving one-hour, interactive presentations on how to incorporate more natural foods and remedies into your everyday lives in simple, manageable ways.

  • Fun, interactive classes for your employees that will help them make positive health changes
  • Conducted during the lunch hour for your convenience
  • Follow-up classes offered for those interested in working on specific health concerns


In today’s busy world, living a healthy lifestyle often gets pushed to the back burner. We rush through life, grab fast food on-the-go, and struggle to make time for exercise. This has a major impact on our health, our happiness, and ultimately our effectiveness and productivity in both our personal and professional lives. For businesses and corporations, the benefits of offering wellness seminars are obvious and measurable.

By having employees who know how to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle, your business will be able to:

  • Retain happier employees
  • Reduce corporate health care costs
  • Boost employee attendance
  • Reduce employee health care costs
  • Positively impact your bottom line

While I work with a very limited number of individual clients, and currently have a waiting list, please contact me if you are interested in learning more about my one-on-one coaching sessions, using the form below:

What people are saying...

Shanti has an incredible gift for motivating and inspiring others. She is kind and caring, insightful and supportive, and positively motivates to keep you on track with achieving your personal and professional goals. Shanti is truly an inspiration and role model for excellent self care, including nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and balance. If you are seeking to transform your life, I highly recommend partnering with Shanti. She has made a tremendous difference in my life, and I know she will give you the tools you need to live a more joyful, successful life too!

- Kelly S.

Shanti's seminar was very helpful and offered manageable steps to making over my pantry at home. I ended up revamping my whole family's diet thanks to her!

- Lisa H.

I learned a lot from this class! Shanti was so fun and friendly, I felt like we had known each other forever! I loved how she gave tips on meal planning and prepping ahead of time, and shared her own personal story that connected with many of us.

- Monica W.

loved what Shanti shared! She had a great presentation and ideas for making things more simple at home. I felt like I found someone who understands and can relate to my food issues & sensitivities. Her class was very informative, she was so approachable, and I learned things that I can actually apply in my life! I am so thankful my employer provided this service, it inspired and motivated me to make changes!

- Brianne P.

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