New 30 Day At-Home CrossFit Challenge Starts Monday!


A new CrossFit challenge starts Monday, August 27th. No equipment and no experience needed! I’ll be doing a Whole30 to go along with it. You can check out the ¬†Level 1 workouts¬†HERE or Level 2 HERE.

Comment on this post if you’re joining in!
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  1. Becky says

    perfect timing! I will be twelve weeks . postpartum on Monday and I’m ready to step up myfitness and get back in shape! 30daychallenge seems like a great first goal!

  2. Lisa says

    Yay! I went on vacation (no internet) and totally slacked off on the last challenge so I will do this one for sure!

  3. Laura says

    Ok, me and Mr Me are in. I think he’ll go with level 2 workout and we’ll both go the Whole30 too. Need to clean eat a few weeks anyway, too much slacking by me lately! Need inspiration to start on an exercise programme. Could you explain the “for time” bits in the exercise programme please? and what about the starred bits in italics, what does that mean?

    • says

      Great! “For time” just means you do all the reps as fast as you can, going as hard as you can. Then you’ll compare your time the following week, etc. For example, “run 1 mile for time” would mean run your fastest mile. The italics are nothing special, just emphasizing, and the asterisks are just on the last day, right? If so, it’s just highlighting that that day has more than one thing going on…does that make sense?

      • Laura says

        Great thanks! Just done day one, clean eating, including a meal out at a restaurant! And done our workout now. Only I couldn’t do push ups due to my arthritis in my wrist. We are in the UK btw.

  4. Grace says

    I homeschool and we start on the 27th. Why not add some craziness to it and do the 30 day challenge!??! I’m in. Me thinks I shall add some children to the mix….they will love this!

  5. Suzanne says

    I am so in! I am just finishing a 21 day sugar detox but plan to continue eating clean as I feel so good. My kids start school next week and that was my deadline for trying the 30 day crossfit challenge. Great timing and I can’t wait:)

  6. says

    Cool! I was already planning to start your level 2 crossfit challenge on the 27 th, so it’s great to be doing it with you and other followers. I also plan to add a cardio challenge as I am training for a mud run on Sept. 29. Not sure about the whole30 diet, but am going to focus on limiting sugars, white grains, and processed foods.

  7. Tammy says

    I am in!! My husband and I started Level 1 back in June and we did well up until middle of the third week, then we went on vacation. I think I will start Level 1 again andthen after the 30 days start Level 2.. I saw good results when we were doing it.. Thank you!!!

  8. Jennifer says

    Ok…. I’m going to give it a try…..
    Never done anything like Crossfit before but I’m up for a good challenge!

  9. Ericka says

    I’m a distance runner, so my legs are used to…well, use. I gotta say, though, the air squats are brutal! Thanks for the challenge and that we can do it at home.

    • says

      Ericka, I know what you mean! I was a runner for quite awhile, and realized when I started doing some cross training that I wasn’t in great physical shape after all! I had great endurance, but really no strength. That’s why I love CrossFit so much! Hope you enjoy the rest of the 30 days!

  10. Katrina cable says

    I just dropped my expensive gym membership, so I am honna check out your challenge this month. If I stick with it I will start collecting stuff for my own crossfit gym! :)

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